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The Playcon Gym Wall System 

Playcon's Gym Wall System uses Fiberesin 13/16" x 4' x 8' wood panels. These are the same panels we use on our sidewalls in our squash and racquetball court systems. 

Our Fiberesin wall system is perfect for a gymnasium and multi-purpose activities. They provide a hard, smooth, high performance surface that can withstand the play and abuse that multiple sports and activities incur.

You can use our gym wall Fiberesin panels on only two walls, all four walls, build to 8' H off the floor, build all the way to the ceiling. Whatever layout you require, we can provide it.

Why Use Fiberesin Gym Wall Panels?

Fiberesin's wall panel manufacturing process differs from others who glue laminate onto a wood core.


Fiberesin panels are engineered using multiple layers of specially treated materials which are thermally-fused using exacting temperatures, pressures and time intervals.

No court panel delivers a more precise ball rebound, maintains dimensional stability, stands up to repetitive impact, and provides a durable, cleanable surface.

Facilities love the very low maintenance that Fiberesin panels require. The panels never need to be painted.

Our Fiberesin gym wall panels come pre-cut, ready for installation.

We can provide installation instructions, drawings and information. Any contractor can install the gym wall panels.

Using an aluminum spline system, this ensures that the panels remain flush and provide an additional attachment method.

Gym wall panels - 13/16" thick x 48" x 96"- 55#/cf density

Playcon Panel Gym Drawings & Documents

Playcon wall panel elevation installation drawing


Playcon wall panel joint & alignment spline detail drawing


Playcon wall panel to panel outside corner detail drawing


Playcon wall panel to panel inside corner detail drawing


Playcon wall panel to drywall outside corner detail drawing

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