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The Playcon Racquetball Court System

We can provide you with all the essentials of a state of the art racquetball court.


Playcon has been using Fiberesin wall panels in our racquetball courts for over three decades.

Paired with our Playcon designed and engineered Maple hardwood court flooring system and our Playcon designed and engineered glass wall system.


We Strictly Use Fiberesin Racquetball Court Wall Panels

Fiberesin's court panel manufacturing process differs from others who glue laminate onto a wood core.


Fiberesin panels are engineered using multiple layers of specially treated materials which are thermally-fused using exacting temperatures, pressures and time intervals.

No court panel delivers a more precise ball rebound, maintains dimensional stability, stands up to repetitive impact, and provides a durable, cleanable surface.

Players love the true rebound of our Fiberesin panels.

Facilities love the very low maintenance that Fiberesin panels require.

Our Fiberesin racquetball wall panels come pre-cut, ready for installation


Using an aluminum spline system, this ensures that the panels remain flush and provide an additional attachment method.

Headwall panels - 1-1/8" thick - 53#/cf density

Sidewall/backwall panels - 13/16" thick - 55#/cf density

Fiberesin Panels Aren't Only For New Racquetball Courts

A racquetball ball can work like a suction cup and cause havoc to your existing walls.

Unfortunately, plaster walls do not hold up to the abuse a racquetball ball can do.

Worry no longer, we can reline your existing racquetball court walls using our Fiberesin wall panels.

Our Fiberesin wall panels aren't affected by the abuse of a racquetball ball.

Installing a Playcon racquetball court headwall Fiberesin panel reline.


Playcon's Engineered Glass Wall System

We design all of our own glass hardware. When combined with our 1/2" tempered glass walls it creates a very strong, clean looking glass wall system that provides excellent play-ability.

Our glass wall systems enhance the viewing aspect of the game while providing a high quality wall for play inside the court.

Our glass wall systems can be installed in new courts or retrofitted into existing racquetball courts.

Available with glass support fins that provide an unobstructed view of the court or with aluminum posts.

Contact us if you are looking for replacement parts for your existing glass wall, we have a number of options available to get your court back up and running.


Permanently Convert Your Racquetball Court To A Squash Court

Utilizing our racquetball to squash court conversion kit, an existing racquetball court can easily be turned into a squash court.

Our conversion kits use tempered glass to allow full viewing and are installed in a fixed position.


The racquetball to squash conversion kit causes minimal damage to the racquetball court when installed. Therefore, if required, in the future the conversion wall can be disassembled and the racquetball court can still be used.


Our conversion kits can either be installed by Playcon, or by a local contractor, or the maintenance staff of the facility. Our conversion kits include all the glass, parts and hardware. All that is required is assembly. We have complete installation instructions and offer consultation over the phone to ensure that the installation goes smoothly.

Our conversion kits include the complete glass wall, the 2" wall marking tape and a set of International squash telltales. All that is required after installation is a floor sand and new lines painted on the floor.

Playcon's Racquetball Court Hardwood Flooring System

Our hardwood flooring sleeper system makes for the premier racquetball court loor. It is a cushioned sleeper and plywood system designed for uniform ball bounce and load distribution.

Combined with our specially Playcon designed 3/8" 2-stage rubber pad, the flooring system provides increased shock-absorption and excellent resiliency. Our 2-stage pad makes contact at two impact levels, cushioning both light loads and more concentrated forces.

On top of our sleeper system is 3/4" thick x 2-1/4" wide tongue and groove strip Maple.

This is the ultimate racquetball court floor!

Playcon sleep sytem squash court floor

Playcon Neo-Flex Thermo Plastic Rubber Pad

Each pad has the ability to compress 1/16" under a load of 40 PSI without displacement.

3/8" thick x 1-7/8" W x 2-1/4" L


Playcon's Glass Rolling Back Wall 

Glass movable back walls are used to convert a racquetball court to a squash court in a matter of minutes with no special tools.

Playcon's rolling wall systems are specially designed to roll from a squash position to a racquetball position and not decrease the performance of the court.


These walls are especially popular when the amount of room available for courts is limited.


The use of a rolling wall allows you to have a squash court and a racquetball court in the same place. There is no need to build two separate courts.

Includes our Playcon aluminum removable tins.

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