Engineered glass back and sidewalls
The strategic use of ½" tempered glass in a squash or racquetball court enhances the viewing aspect of the game. Available in all sizes and heights using special door hinges, latches and support fittings. Playcon's glass walls provides spectators the ability to watch a squash or racquetball match unobstructed and still provides a high quality wall for play inside the court.
Specially engineered, Playcon's squash and racquetball glass walls not only benefit the players and the spectators, but they also add an aesthetically pleasing look to a court.
Standard sizes
International Squash Backwall
7' x 21'
Squash side wall
15' 2" x 32'
Racquetball Backwall
8' x 20' or 12' x 20'

One of Playcon's glass backwalls and glass sidewalls:


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Playcon's custom made glass door can fit just about any situation
Playcon's custom made glass fittings can replace your old, broken fittings.
Playcon can convert your racquetball court into a
squash court with a glass back wall. Playcon also
has a rolling glass back wall that converts from
squash to racquetball.


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