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Playcon's cushioned wood floor systems uses northern hard maple, plywood, pressure-treated sleeper and cushioned pads. Primary uses are squash/racquetball courts, aerobics floors and gymnasiums. Playcon has experienced installers that can supply and install the hardwood flooring system you desire. Playcon can also assist you in renovating your hardwood floors.

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PlaySport II is a cushioned sleeper and plywood system with Maple hardwood flooring for uniform ball bounce and load distribution.
The two layer plywood sub floor and Maple and hardwood floor provides dimensional stability and consistent resiliency for uniform ball bounce.
IsoCushion pads are designed to simultaneously optimize shock absorption and vertical deflection of the playing surface.Playcon also sells rubber pads and pressure treated sleepers individually for your hardwood flooring needs.
 If your gymnasium or aerobics hardwood floors
are in need of some TLC, then Playcon can sand, 
repaint gamelines and refinish the wood floor.